This page present her works of cards with pictures and short comments. We add pictures to this gallery little by little. Check it when you come!!

Artist makes one or two cards par week. There are two types of cards: Paint Card ( 絵手紙 ) and Collage Card( ちぎり絵 ). Artist chooses motifs among seasonal themas like vegetables, flowers, and animals and work designing on the card.

Normally, artist add some words or short phrases on these cards. Sometimes messages on the card limit usages, so, according to the artist, she prefers to insert it when she decides a use, to have written it in advance. The text is also written by brushes. She often use them as New Year’s card and Some greeting card for her friends.




1 Biwa/ びわ

Collage Card, 2010, Biwa/ ちぎり絵、2010年、びわ


2 Tulipe/ チューリップ

Paint card, 2011, Tulip/ 絵手紙、2011年春、チューリップ

3 Victoria/ 友禅菊

Paint card, 2011, Victoria/ 絵手紙、2011年、友禅菊(ビクトリア)


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