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The life of a stupid man

   Ryunosuke Akutagawa is today considered one of the most important writers of the Japanese modern era. Being a prolific writer, he was especially known for his short stories which were deeply influenced by ancient myths and engaged with the … Continue reading

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Bad Habits

I opened my eyes after a deep sleep. Mother was sitting in a chair next to the window looking outside. Two days ago, she had gotten into a fight with my dad and, feeling frustrated, she threw some stuff in … Continue reading

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 Hotel Home 

When I was a little girl, I used to go  on vacation with my parents and call the places we stayed at, home. I could not tell the difference between a temporary place of residence and home. Home was the place where we sleep and cook.    My parents laughed at my innocence and thought it was cute.  As years passed by I did not want to go on vacation with them anymore. I prefered going with my friends. There were a lot of times when, during our stay, we muddled up and refered to it as home. So this became an inside joke to us.     We smiled because we knew that our real homes were waiting for us back in the same place we had left them.  After finishing high-school, I moved from house to house, spending short periods of my life  in each of them. Each time, I tried to transfer my life in the new walls. But there was not enough  room for all my memories.    Maybe humans, are no different to turtles.      

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