Media as a means of Expression and Communication

Media and media devices have become a forum of communication and expression for artists such as musicians, photographers, painters, and writers. People, professionals and amateurs, are given the opportunity to post and exhibit their work online, using social network sites such as; facebook, Twitter, and tumblr, and communicate directly with like-minded people, fans and critics through the mediums of text, photographs, or film. Communication has become instantaneous and globalised. The internet is easily accessible; posts can be shared and commented upon by anybody. This enables artists to promote themselves, be promoted by others, and make connections with other people with similar interests and the public.

Often there are options to translate on these sites, breaking language barriers that could pose a problem, widening the potential audience and number of readers/viewers.

I believe that although this allows people to express themselves, their experiences and opinions, this also leaves people open to being attacked. On sites such as, cyber bullying can be a problem. Inviting people to comment on your posts, in using these sites, is inviting comments of a positive and negative nature. Although these negative acts can be detected, reported and removed, often these can go unnoticed.

It does not limit us like traditional medias such as newspapers and letters, which take time to be written correctly and published. Traditional medias are usually more formal and limited regarding language and communication.

World news can be spread quickly through television reports and over the internet, much faster than any newspaper. People have used their mobile phones to document world disasters such as the 9/11 terrorist attack or the earthquake in Tohoku, Japan in 2011 and uploaded to the internet, giving an immediate and personal view of these events, and an intimate and unfiltered documentation to the viewer.

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