5 Histoires: Around Me


We played with the fairies, that lived in the woods and wore acorns for hats, and we stayed away from the monsters, that lived over the hill and would capture us if they even caught a glimpse. We stood quietly in the kitchen watching the red deer cross and go down the long dirt drive through the window. We touched the soft fur of the bats Dad caught that flew around our heads while we were tucked up in bed. Our parents threw large parties in the barns with fireworks, we’d stay up late and the adults would dance on tables. One day I buried one of my four runner ducks in the sand on the beach. We swam in the loch’s icy water and sailed on it when the wind was up. We each grew a sunflower in the lower garden and over the months we watched who’s became the tallest. Once, in the garden, Angus tripped over daffodils and broke his ankle. When it was lambing season; I’d go to the next farm to help Alice. We had favourite trees, games and favourite hiding spots.
Now it’s all gone. All the fairies, all the monsters and all the bats were forced to flee. The ground was deformed, dug up, and hills were sculpted. The grass is now kept short and green; eighteen holes now entertain rich holiday makers. Mum cried; heartbroken when we left. I have been back only once… after the house had been destroyed but before the vast expanse of green lawns were laid. And I’m sure I’ll never go back again…


Last month feeling homesick; I spontaneously bought tickets home to Norfolk. I called my brother, Angus, to check that everyone would be there but asked him to keep it to himself. It was the weekend of my older sister’s birthday but, unfortunately, she couldn’t come home and would be the only one missing out. But we had a new addition to the family; I was very excited to learn that my parents had just gotten a black Scottish terrier puppy called Nesbit.
I bought the expensive last-minute tickets, packed a bag and within three days I was on the Eurostar to London. I then took another train from London to Downham Market, where my brother picked me up in his Land Rover.
Dad was at the house when I arrived. I got out of the car and crept under the window. He was very surprised to see me, and so was wee Nesbit who we presently took for a walk.
When we came back Sophia, my younger sister, was home from school. She ran down the stairs when she heard my voice and gave me a huge hug and told me what was going on with school and friends. We devised a plan on how to best surprise mum. We decided to sit outside, myself casually smoking, as she often goes out for a cigarette when she gets home from work.
We heard the car pull up and mum go inside the house. Dad was convincing her to take the dog outside immediately.
I surprised myself too when I saw her…


3) Tattoo
My first tattoo was a result of boredom and some degree of stupidity when I was seventeen; a spontaneous star outline on my right little-toe, badly done in a dirty tattoo parlour where I accompanied a friend. It took two minutes, cost £25 and hurt a lot!
The second I thought seriously about as it was going to be much larger. I designed three flowers entwined, representing myself and my two sisters; Lily, Rose and Jasmine.
As it was so large I got just the transfer done a week before to see the size and positioning of it. I could hardly wait I was nervous and excited. Finally, I went to get it done with the moral support of a friend. Lying on the bench for an hour and a half, I could have fallen asleep – except for a few moments when it was close to the bone – it wasn’t at all painful at all.
I was so pleased with it and had such a buzz I wanted another the next day!
My tattoos are part of me; they represent my personality and my tastes. Even though the star tattoo is terrible I don’t wish to remove it (Mother offered to pay to laser it off)…I like it. It represents my stupid seventeen-year-old self.


I was going to meet my sister Sophia at the airport. She had never flown alone before and missed her flight.
People assume that things such as flying are intuitive to everybody; we forget that if you don’t know, it can be a stressful experience and mistakes can be made easily. However, Sophia was far too relaxed thinking she had everything sorted. When I asked her what she was doing when she missed her flight she said “I was shopping and enjoying the novelty of an airport”.
Most people find that no matter how many times you fly or how intuitive it becomes, large airports are stressful places and lots of people miss flights.
Although a silly mistake on my sister’s behalf, it’s one that we can empathise with.

14:56 >Mum

Hey, I’ve just arrived. It’s crazy! And it’s huge! I don’t know where to go I’ll go and ask. No, Dad left me he couldn’t get the van through, it’s too big.
I’m now going! The flight is in two hours Mum, it’s fine! Stop worrying. Yes ok thank you.
Ok, have fun! Bye!

16:13 > Dad

Hey I’m sorted… No it was fine, it was easier than I thought it would be. I’m just waiting now. Ok love you, bye.

16:25 Dad

Dad? Hello…

I missed the flight… I don’t know it says 17:05 on my ticket, i thought that was the time i had to go to the gate… I was looking at stuff. I’m really sorry Dad! Really really sorry! Well don’t shout at me! I didn’t mean to! Ok… What do i do then? Ok I’ll ask someone when the next flight is.. Hang on… I’ll call you back in two minutes.

17:22 > Dad

Hi. The lady said there’s a flight on Monday or Wednesday afternoon. Three-thirty. Ninety-seven pounds…. I knoww i’m sorry. Can’t you ask mum? I’m sorry ok?! Ok thanks.

17:54 < Mum

Hello mum. Yes i know I'm an idiot. I'm not crying! Oh thank you thank you! I'm really sorry! Yes, i'll call her now… Where's dad? Ok thank you. I'll call you when he gets here. Bye…

5) Food food food

Nobody can come between me and my food. I don’t want anyone to touch me or my food while I’m eating. I don’t particularly like dinner dates because I have to stop eating at a ‘normal’ amount, which before I want to. I hate people taking food off of my plate, especially without asking.
The only things that I don’t like are kiwi fruit, tiramisu and cottage cheese. And therefore decision-making is a challenge for me!
I also eat in preparation for potential hunger later, like if I’m stuck in class or the cinema for a few hours and won’t have time to eat afterwards….
I eat chocolate every day. And everyday I feel guilty. I complain at people for not stopping me and then about how fat I feel.

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