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5 Histoires: Around Me

1) AUCHENTULLICH We played with the fairies, that lived in the woods and wore acorns for hats, and we stayed away from the monsters, that lived over the hill and would capture us if they even caught a glimpse. We … Continue reading

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The Keitai Shousetsu phenomenon in Japan

Keitai Shousetsu is a part of young Japanese culture consisting of short, fictional stories posted onto host sites via mobile phones. These stories are usually less than seventy words and posted on sites which allow interaction between authors and fans. … Continue reading

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Media as a means of Expression and Communication

Media and media devices have become a forum of communication and expression for artists such as musicians, photographers, painters, and writers. People, professionals and amateurs, are given the opportunity to post and exhibit their work online, using social network sites … Continue reading

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Cosplay is a combination of two words – costume and play – a common Japanese method of abbreviation. It was invented by Japanese reporter Nov Takahashi when he was sent to report on the 1984 Woldcon that was held in … Continue reading

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Les accessoires des dispositifs mobiles

Bien qu’ils ne soient pas un moyen de communication, les accessoires prennent une place importante dans le monde actuel de la technologie. Accessoires décoratifs et pratiques sont disponibles pour plusieurs dispositifs mobiles, tels que les téléphones portables, les ipads, les … Continue reading

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Marshall McLuhan’s hypothesis on ‘Hot and Cool Media’

Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), was a Canadian philosopher who concentrated his studies on media theory. He created this ‘Hot and Cool Media’ concept in the 1960’s. Hot media is usually defined as being visual, using a single sense, such as printed … Continue reading

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