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publica18 program

I am very happy to announce my participation in PUBLICA 18, taking place in Madrid on 25th January 2018. I will argue the utility of medical and ecological approach for arts awareness; possibility of artistic activities for social/cultural/scientific applications. I will introduce my recent experimental practice – exhibition « Pharmakon » I organized in Kyoto and Osaka in December 2017 (official website of exhibition « Pharmakon »)as well as other realizations around this subject. Here my brief presentation of speech.

you can take a look any information on : http://www.fundacioncontemporanea.com/publica18/

Arts awareness:

Practice of medical and ecological approaches for well being or happiness

Miki Okubo

The lecture will focus on significations and utilities of artistic approaches for bien-être (living better) in today’s society where our consciousness of medical issues/hygienic/healthy life is highly controlled by markets or other factors issued from economic system. I attempt to dig deeply possible practices and realizations of arts contextualized in medical and ecology. How artistic practice such as exhibitions and manifestations, can contribute to public sensibilisation in particularly specialized fields, such as advanced technics and new methods in medicine, where theirs specialized information is hardly accessible for ordinary people? What is the actual situation around medical art or therapeutic art in French and Japanese society?
Introducing my recent project – exhibition « Pharmakon » taking place in Kyoto and Osaka in December 2017, I will consider social role of art as « poison-remedy » ambivalence.